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Ground floor and penthouse

About us

When we decided to open the 2 PI ER Restaurant and Cafe in the Lublin Conference Centre, we were aware of the challenges this place imposes.
However, the experience gained in several other Lublin restaurants allows us to think about achieving success also in this prominent location.
Our goal was to create a place offering great cuisine, but also friendly to our guests. Maybe with a hint of snobbery, but not stiff.
You can often hear someone saying “A good restaurant (café, whatever) for a place like Lublin”. It doesn't seem like enough for us. We just want to be a Good Restaurant without any geographical indication. That is why we strive to ensure that the standards in our kitchen and standards of our service are at a high level.
In order to diversify and enrich our dishes, we reach for what should be obvious. Products from the Lublin region, which in quality and taste are no worse than those coming from other parts of Poland, and are often characteristic of the Lublin region.
Thus, we are trying to fulfil the mission of promoting the region in which we live and work.
We hope that you as our guests will join this task.
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2PIER Restaurant

Mon - Thu 11 - 22
Fri 11 - 23
Sat 12 - 23
Sun 12 - 22

2PIER Sushi House

Fri - Sat 13 - 23
Sun - Thu 13 - 22



Phone number

CATERING +48 730 819 641
TABLE BOOKING +48 730 741 230
Sushi House +48 881 767 545